Pan Seared Pork with Tomato

Pan Seared Pork Chops with Tomato

Serves 2

Net carbohydrates:  5 g

Note: I like to do this recipe with chops still on the bone I think it adds more flavor to the dish. Canned San Marzanno tomatoes are now readily available at most local “stupidmarkets” They too have more flavor BUT if you can’t find them use the best quality diced tomatoes you grocer carries.

4- Pork chops

3- Tbsp. olive oil (divided)

1- tsp. dried oregano (divided)

1- tsp. dried basil (divided)

2 cloves (or more) or garlic (grated or minced)

Salt and pepper to taste (and your doctor’s instructions)

½ cup Diced tomatoes (drained of excess liquid)

1/4 cup reduced sodium chicken broth


In a bowl, combine half the oil, oregano, basil, garlic salt and pepper. Rub into the meat.

In a separate bowl, combine the remaining oregano, basil, garlic salt and pepper with the tomato.

Pre heat a sauté pan to medium high. Add the remaining oil and place the pork chops in the pan making sure they have room to brown. Lower the heat to medium low and cook for 5-6 minutes per side. Remove the chops. Add the chicken broth and scrape up browned bits. Put the chops back into the pan. Spoon the tomato mixture over the chops. Cover and let simmer for 3-4 minutes.