Snap Peas and Prosciutto


Snap Peas & Prosciutto A Diabetic-Compatible version of Rea's most popular dish

       Snap Peas & Prosciutto
A Diabetic-Compatible version of Rao’s most popular  side dish

Snow/Snap peas and Prosciutto

(The original is the bestselling side dish at Rao’s in New York City)

2 Servings

net carbohydrates    9g.

Chef’s Note: There is a 12- 15 month wait for a table at Rao’s in New York. The original recipe is with garden peas which are so high in carbohydrates. I think this is a great substitute.

½ lb. – pound snap or snow peas

2 – ounces Prosciutto (not sliced paper thin)*

1 – shallot, cut into thin slices

2 – Tbsp. olive oil

¼ cup chicken stock

* if your budget does not allow prosciutto, baked ham or even thick slices of bacon will work “almost” as well.


Blanch the snap or  snow peas in boiling water that has been seasoned with a sweetener and salt. Drain and shock in iced water. Dry on paper towels.

Roll the Prosciutto into a log and cut into slivers

Heat a frying pan to medium high. Add the shallots and cook for 1 minute. Add the slivered Prosciutto and cook for one minute more. Add the peas. Cook tossing so all the pods are heated through. Add the chicken stock. And cook until the stock has evaporated.