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I am a type 2 diabetic who is passionate about food. I grew up in the family restaurant business and have worked in a kitchen since I was 8-9 years old. My family has a sad history of diabetes. My father was dead by the time he was 67 from complications of the disease. Two of his sisters have had amputations. Both my brother and sister were diabetic, and died in part because of not taking care of the disease. Clearly some of that was from lack of information, some from being lazy, and some from giving up due to a boring sometimes difficult diet. I am determined not to have that happen to me or any other diabetic I can reach that wants to control their disease and still eat decadently. Hence this website

I started dog work cooking in my father’s restaurant in Westchester when I was a child. By the time I was 12, I prepared most of my family’s at home meals. Falling in love with cooking came with watching Julia Child making a Yule log cake, with spun sugar flying everywhere. Or for that matter, Ms. Child cooking anything.

I have managed, consulted and cooked for restaurants inNew York City and Boston  Some health conscious, some not:

The Diet Gourmet on 57th Street – Celery Bunch at John Wannamaker -: The Beanstalk at Rockefeller Center – Swiss Chalet Bar B Que (now Dallas BBQ) on West 72nd Street – Kiss MY Cookies On Christopher Street – Veggie Park on 33rd Street – Zaro’s Bread Basket at Grand Central, Port Authority, and at Gimbel ‘s. – Adam G’s Bistro at Gimbel’s – Annie B’s At Copley Square in Boston.

I will admit to finding a recipe in a magazine for Pineapple Cinnamon chicken and serving that to my unsuspecting family. Worse, and in retrospect more embarrassing, proudly made that recipe for friends at college. I have hopefully redeemed myself by winning two cooking contests with my “Death by Cheesecake” and Broccoli Potato Gnocchi recipes. An altered version of the cake appears in the dessert section. Not so much for the Gnocchi.

Other than restaurant and food service, I was a buyer in New York City for Bloomingdale’s and Korvettes.  I also worked for the Ballet International De Caracas, Pearl Lang Dance Theater, and Ballet Reportory Company, NOT as a dancer!

Oh Yes, I am still a diabetic. And yes, I eat and entertain and do it, to quote Sally Bowles “Divinely  Decadent”.

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  1. You must have every cooking gadget imaginable! Your experience with some of the restaurants mentioned must lend itself to modifying carb-loaded recipes to work for the low-carb/diabetic eater. I don’t know of anyone in my circle of friends or in my family that wouldn’t benefit from a more carb-conscious diet. It’s great that there are ideas for entertaining and daily meals out there to source for ideas.

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