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The GOAL of this site is to help people with Diabetes transform what we can or should eat, into what we WANT to eat!

A diagnosis of DIABETES is NOT the end of GREAT EATING

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The purpose of my website and the cookbook that is in the works is to celebrate our limitations, reinvent our diets, and applaud every positive step we make, every ounce we lose, every point our numbers go down and to let you know that:


I hope to share with you that a DIABETIC COMPATIBLE RECIPE does not have to be a stand in for the “good stuff” but can stand alone as something wonderful.

Enjoy, be Healthy, BE Happy, Be Creative, Be DECADENT !


My WEDDING CAKE Diabetic "Happy" Amaretto Cheesecakes

CHEESECAKE!!!! Need I say More?

Disclaimer: I do mention some brand name brand products in some articles. I am not paid by the companies that make or distribute these products, nor do I own any stock in any of the companies. I mention them because…THE PRODUCTS WORK FOR ME!



Article 140

Diabetes and Companionship

At 6:45 every morning at a café, coffee shop, diner, bagel joint, or donut shop somewhere in the world, men of a certain age and status arrive one by one. They have come together for an hour or so to argue, debate, discuss and solve the problems troubling the world. There is no topic too sacred not to be dissected by these men. They will fight about everything and agree on nothing.  They do not agree on anything except…. that they are there for breakfast. These are the long retired men of the world, who for an hour each day get out of the house to escape the tedium of retired life and perhaps their wives. The days of 18 holes of golf 4 times a week have turned into 9 holes on Wednesday if it is not too cold or too hot or too rainy.

Breakfast choicesWhat does this have to do with Diabetes? Nothing and everything. The common denominator for these men is the place that welcomes them to sit and suck coffee out of a cup for an hour or so as they save the world. However, along with the coffee are the “treats”. The bagels, donuts, flapjacks, muffins, and breads that are so filled with carbohydrates. Some of these men have Diabetes, others have different issues.  Each man has to figure out how to save themselves and the world.

For those with Diabetes, the trick is to figure out how to save the world without messing up your blood sugar. For others it is how not to cause a heart attack.

A distant cousin of ours is one of these men. He is struggling with Diabetes.  Every morning he leaves his wife and heads for the local diner. He has done this for years. He is smart. He knows that the “treats” are not the best way to start his day. So does his wife. Yet, morning after morning, in all kinds of weather, there he is at the diner. He tries to eat better. He has whole wheat toast with his eggs and uses “lite” syrup with his pancakes. His wife knows that he should not eat this way every day but it is also her time alone. After forty plus years of marriage, she ain’t gonna change him. After all these years she is not going to take away his hour of freedom and fellow man companionship, or for that matter the time for her to quietly eat her breakfast and watch the news.

Cousin Ed is not alone. Millions of us enjoy something so much that they don’t want to give it up. What can he do? In Ed’s situation it might be a little easier. He and his companions are longtime customers of the diner. If he wants to bring his own lower carbohydrate bread, I bet management won’t object to toasting it for him.

The recommended serving size for a bagel is 1/4 of the bagel WHO thinks this is ENOUGH?

Another choice would be to order a bagel, eat half of it. I am certain that some of his buddies would be willing to scoff down the rest so he wouldn’t be tempted to eat the whole thing.

The restaurant already serves egg white omelets to some of his friends, Ed is not asking for anything more than they are.

The flapjacks are a problem and using a sugar free syrup is a somewhat better choice, but for Ed, sticking to eggs (even egg whites) may be his best bet. How can you get bored with eggs? They are delicious fried, scrambled, as an omelet (with green stuff at breakfast?), poached on a high fiber English muffin, soft boiled and hard boiled. As a” regular” he could ask Mabel (I hope there are still waitresses named Mabel and Flo, and waiters named Joe) to stock a high fiber cereal or bread for him. No question other customers might (for reasons of their own) also be interested in something that did not have comic book colors. Perhaps the Eds of the world are too embarrassed to ask for “special” treatment. Ed will be more embarrassed when his pals come to visit him and he is in bed in his jammies. You and I know it is hard to ask for special stuff without feeling like an invalid. Are you less vital if you are conscious of your health needs? Does asking for what will be of benefit to you make you less of a person?

Nobody should have to give up the joy of companionship just because they have Diabetes. It takes a little more work and thinking. Ed could have breakfast at home before he goes off to meet the men. I think his wife will kill me for that suggestion but it is a real choice. From time to time he can choose to have a “real” breakfast and balance it over the day. He can just slurp cup after cup of coffee while he and his buddies solve the problems of the world. I need these guys to do that for me. I am too busy cooking Diabetes-Compatible recipes to share with you.

ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, be creative, and BE DECADENT! –w!

Eggs baked in a muffin tin A quick, easy and delicious breakfast, lunch, or even an appetizer

Eggs baked in a muffin tin
A quick, easy and delicious breakfast, lunch, or even an appetizer

Eggs baked in a muffin tin

6 servings

Net Carbohydrates 2g.

 Chef’s Note: Call them egg cakes, egg muffins, mini quiches or anything else you like. These are amazingly simple and delicious treats for breakfast, lunch, or even as an elegant appetizer course. The ingredients you chose sets the plate.

1 shallot or 3 scallions chopped

1 Tbsp. butter

2 ounces ham, thickly cut and diced

½ cup diced tomatoes

Salt and pepper to taste

6 eggs lightly beaten

2 TBSP. milk, cream or half and half

½ cup shredded Swiss cheese. (you can substitute another cheese if you like)

Non- stick spray for the muffin tin


How to prepare the recipe:

Pre heat the oven to 375.

Butter or spray a 6 muffin tin

Sautee the shallot or scallions in butter. Add the diced ham and cook until the ham starts to brown. Allow to cool. Add the tomatoes Beat the eggs lightly and add the salt and pepper. Add the milk or cream .

Evenly divide the ham, shallot, and tomato mixture on the bottom of each muffin tin. Top with shredded cheese. Gently pour the egg mixture over the ham and cheese. Bake for 20-22 minutes or until the cakes are browned and puffed.

Allow to cool a little before serving or serve at room temperature as an appetizer..

Suggestions: Replace the ham with:


Any vegetable


Shrimp or crab


Article #139

Love, support Diabetes eating and us

(I’m sorry, it is not me…it is YOU!)

  ME: This article is about YOU. All of you, that over the years have commented to me about differences you have made in your lives now that you have Diabetes. Don’t get me wrong, I am a chef and certainly have an ego. There are no recipes for Humble Pie in my repertoire, Swelled Head Pudding perhaps.  You folks inspire me with your commitment to make your eating and lives better.

Almond Cake with Almond Crème Frosting

Almond Cake with Almond Crème Frosting


This is a love story and a big thank you note all rolled up together. I want to tell you how much I love you for sharing your journeys with me and the rest of our readers and how inspiring you all are for me.




YOU: Kerry B:

I was just talking to another friend who has been diagnosed with the type 2 diabetes and this was the first article I read. Thought I would share it with you….This says a lot about what we were talking about. I have been in touch with the author, Ward Alper,THE Decadent Diabetic. It was when I first became diabetic. He really has inspired me to keep the faith and keep plugging! It is doable!

ME: Nice thought Kerry, but the inspiration AND the credit is all yours. You made the choice to investigate ideas and information about living with Diabetes.

YOU: Cynthia K

Just want to say thank you! Someone else just turned me on to your page. So hard to think of new recipes that are easy and tasty. You get tired of the same ole same ole when you have to count carbs. Tired of being bored with food. Seven years and I need/want more food choices!

ME: Spot on Cynthia. Even if you love the taste of something, eating it every day gets old. Knowing to look for new choices is a great step in keeping it fresh and possible to maintain.

YOU: Dana W

I am a new diabetic and thank goodness I found these delicious looking foods. I am saved! : )

ME: Dana you may be saved. If you are it is because you are looking for foods that will serve both your health and your tastebuds. Pat yourself on the back for not just giving up.

Blueberry & Cream ...Dessert?

Blueberry & Cream …Dessert?

YOU: Debbie F

You have no idea how much you have helped me. I was diagnosed 1 1/2 yrs ago with T1. No family history, no knowledge about it etc. I was totally overwhelmed and felt lost…..then I came across your post on Facebook…you truly helped me so much. Not just the recipes but reading your posts of your personal ups and downs make me feel “someone gets it”. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart! Debbie

ME: Trust me Debbie, I did get it. I thought I was lost when it came to doing what I enjoyed most, eating well. It is comments like yours that make me want to continue to share the recipes and my tales of success and of woe.

YOU: Sharon H

Hello!!.. Due to taking care of a diagnosis months ago and being regimental regarding my diet.. I have lost the desire and pleasure in food. I am so glad I found you..I’m thinking your recipes will bring back that zest ( lemon? ) for eating again!! I’ve been so bored with food not looking forward to eating. Thankyou for being here and sharing your thoughts and recipes!!..

ME: Love the Lemon humor Sharon. In my less than humble opinion, a little humor is as important ingredient in how you eat and how you live. Keep up the good laughing.

YOU: Sharon W and  Sue H

Chocolate filled Raspberry Smooches (meringues)

Chocolate filled Raspberry Smooches (meringues)

OH MY HEAVENS….I guess I might have to try making these SMOOCHES…Love this chef… Love this guy!

ME: Sharon is talking about my Chocolate filled Raspberry Smooches featured on Diabetes Support for Valentine’s Day. I send those to all of you and thank all of you for inspiring me to create more and more recipes not just for my eating but for yours. I wouldn’t do it without you. I love “youses” too. YOU make me a better man and certainly a better Diabetes chef.  My thanks to: Bj, Cynthia, Dana, Dawnmarie, (Mr. Sev), Debbie, Deborah (s),Donna,  Esterjane, Harold, Julie, Kerry, Larry-Todd, MaryKay, Ruth ,Sharon, Shannon, Veronica, and hundreds more of you that keep sending comments to me about YOUR successes. Thank you for wanting to make your Diabetes life better, and in doing that making mine….delicious! ENJOY!!! Be happy, be healthy, be creative, and BE DECADENT! –w!

Fast and Easy this recipe fills your plate with flavor, nor carbohydrates

Fast and Easy this recipe fills your plate with flavor, nor carbohydrates

Fresh Zucchini and Tomato Sautee

2 servings

Net carbohydrates    9g.

Chefs Note:  This is a great “quick” recipe when you have your protein planned but need something to fill the plate with lots of flavor and few carbs. I also works with sundried tomatoes. You want this dish to be slightly crunchy and the tomatoes just barely warm to keep that fresh summer feeling on the tongue. The hit of lemon (See Sharon H) at the end, makes a world of difference.

1 – Tbsp. olive oil

1 – Tbsp. butter

1 shallot, sliced


3 scallions, sliced

3 – medium Zucchini

Salt and pepper to taste

½ cup grape or cherry tomatoes, cut in half

2 Tbsp. Fresh basil

Juice and zest of ½ lemon

Grated cheese for topping (parmesan, Swiss, Asiago – your choice)

HOW TO PREPARE THE RECIPE: Cut the zucchini in half crosswise, then cut each half in half lengthwise. Cut each quarter in half or thirds depending on how fat the quarter is. You want even sized pieces. Cut the tomatoes in half. In a medium high skillet sauté the shallot or scallion in the oil and butter for about 30 seconds.  Add the zucchini pieces, salt and pepper and toss. Cook for 3- 4 minutes until the zucchini is just tender. Add the tomato halves and toss lightly so as not to break the tomato (You just want the tomato barely warmed through). Add the lemon juice, zest and basil in JUST before removing from the heat. Sprinkle with the grated cheese and serve.




















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